Nicolas Dot-Pouillard

Nicolas Dot-Pouillard is an Associate Researcher at Ifpo (French Institute for the Near-East), in Beirut, Lebanon, and Core-Researcher with the “Wafaw Programme” (When authoritarianism fails in the Arab world, European Research Council). He is also a regular contributor to Orient XXI and Le Monde diplomatique. He has published two books: Tunisia: the Revolution and its Pasts (Tunisie: la révolution et ses passés, Iremmo/ L’Harmattan, 2013), and, with his co-authors Wissam Alhaj and Eugénie Rébillard, From Theology to Liberation: a History of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (De la théologie à la liberation: une histoire du Jihad islamique palestinien, Editions La découverte, 2014).

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