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Parliament agrees to extend the state of emergency

Thursday, August 13, 2020 to Friday, August 21, 2020

 Parliament approved the extension of the state of emergency in Beirut Thursday, after the capital was declared a disaster zone following the devastating blast at Beirut Port that ripped through the capital on Aug. 4

Cabinet declared Beirut to be under a state of emergency on Aug. 5 for a period of two weeks by an executive order. Lebanese law states that Cabinet may only issue a state of emergency for eight days. Parliament must approve any period stated within the executive order beyond the first eight days.

The decree was signed on Aug. 7, making Thursday the eighth official day of the state of emergency. Parliament convened and approved the remaining period of the state of emergency, which will now run for the full two weeks called for by Cabinet. It will end on Aug. 21.

A state of emergency per legislative decree no. 52/1967 grants the Army exceptional powers over civilian matters and is responsible for the city’s security matters, and all armed units including the Internal Security Forces, General Security, State Security, Customs and armed forces in other establishments are under their command.

According to this legislative decree, the Army during a state of emergency will have the power to try civilians in military courts for “crimes related to breach of security,” prohibit gatherings it deems a threat to security, shut down sites of assembly, set curfews, censor media, impose house arrests, enter homes at any given time for security purposes, issue fines and deport suspects who pose a security threat.

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