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Ministerial committee meets to draft government policy statement

Saturday, January 25, 2020

The ministerial committee tasked with drafting the new government’s policy statement held its third meeting Saturday afternoon at the Grand Serail in Riad al-Solh.

Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad Najd told reporters after the session that the committee is in the process of creating the first draft of the ministerial policy statement and said that if the committee works at this speed, the ministerial policy statement will be ready soon.

Abdel Samad said meetings will resume next week.

In addition to Prime Minister Diab, the committee includes: the deputy prime minister and defense minister, the ministers of finance, foreign affairs, justice, economy, environment, information, youth and sports, telecoms, industry, social affairs and minister of state for administrative reform.

According to the law, the committee has 22 days left to come up with the statement, Abdel Samad said Friday. But ministers are working quickly to finish drafting the statement well before this period.

Diab will present the ministerial statement to Parliament to seek a vote of confidence.

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