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Machnouk closed nightclub after erotic show

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Beirut nightclub was closed and sealed with red tape by the Internal Security Forces, after video footage taken at the club over the weekend showed half-naked dancers performing erotic moves.

"The videos posted on social media outlets show direct pornographic dancing," Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk said in a statement, responding to footage, posted late Monday evening, of the Friday night performance at Discotek.

Machnouk ordered the nightclub closed, and called on the ISF to investigate the matter. "Close the club, and those responsible should be sent to the competent judicial authorities," he said.

The ISF released a statement Tuesday afternoon stating that they had closed the club and questioned the owner of Discotek. He was issued a residence permit for the nightclub premises, meaning the property can no longer be used as a commercial venue.

The Lebanese nightclub in Beirut’s Karantina was Friday hosting Cirque Le Soir, a London club currently on a world tour.

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