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Interior Ministry ends license plate restrictions

Sunday, June 14, 2020

The Interior Ministry announced Sunday an end to the license plate measures designed to limit traffic on roads and general movement around the country, as Lebanon gradually lifts its coronavirus restrictions. As of Monday 5 a.m., the license plate restrictions will be removed, allowing all vehicles to drive any day of the week. The decision comes as the Health Ministry recorded four new COVID-19 cases Sunday. Despite the low number, the average number of daily cases in recent days has been in the double digits and health experts have warned the COVID-19 outbreak still poses a major threat to Lebanon. The license plate measures are the latest in a series of restrictions that have been lifted as part of a lockdown easing strategy. Lebanon has seen the reopening of workplaces, cafes and restaurants and a gradual return to normal life. The license plate rule was introduced on April 5, three weeks after the general mobilization was implemented to stem the spread of coronavirus. Under these measures, cars, trucks and motorbikes were only permitted to drive on alternating days of the week according to whether the license plate ended in odd or even numbers. Until two weeks ago, all vehicles had been forbidden from driving Sundays, except for essential workers. The Interior Ministry document also provided details on the opening and closing times of commercial and industrial businesses, stating that companies may be able to operate according to their working-hour policies.

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