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General Security centers to open exclusively for Syrians

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

General Security Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim announced that General Security is planning to open centers specifically for Syrians in Lebanon, reiterating his support for the return of Syrian refugees to their home country.

"Ten additional centers specifically for Syrians will be set up in Lebanon as to alleviate the pressure on the main [General Security] centers. But that doesn't mean their stay in Lebanon will be prolonged," Ibrahim was quoted as saying by local radio station Voix du Liban (93.3fm), during an inspection of a new General Security regional center in Metn.

He added that communication with the Syrian authorities is ongoing to ensure the return of thousands of Syrians to their homes.

Metn's new General Security center, inaugurated in the town of Jdeideh, is meant to facilitate transactions for local Lebanese residents. It was entirely funded by the local municipality.

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