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General Security behind decision not to stamp Iranian passports

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Foreign Ministry clarified that the decision to stamp an entry card rather than the passport of Iranians visiting Lebanon was made by General Security.

“This procedure falls under the authority of the Lebanese General Security. ... The role of the Foreign Ministry is limited to reporting it,” a ministry statement read.

The decision came to the fore Saturday when some local media outlets circulated reports that Iranians traveling to Lebanon would no longer have their travel documents stamped upon entry and exit.

General Security issued a statement saying that Iranians would still have documents stamped, but not directly on their passports.

“The procedure is available to nationals of a number of countries coming to Lebanon who wish to have the entry and exit stamps issued on separate cards attached to their passports,” the statement said.

A General Security spokesperson would not list the countries that qualify for the procedure to The Daily Star, but said the decision has been applied “for a while now.”

“Everything we want to reveal about the decision is already in the statement,” the source said, declining to comment further.

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