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Electoral committee files lawsuit against Tele Liban

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Electoral Supervisory Committee, headed by Judge Nadim Abdel-Malek, filed a lawsuit against Tele Liban Tuesday, citing its failure to comply with a media blackout before the Parliamentary elections, the state-run National News Agency reported. “The committee decided to refer Tele Liban to the Court of Publications [a chamber within the Court of Appeal], for violating the 48-hour media blackout and will take legal action in accordance with the provisions of Article 81 [of the new electoral law],” the NNA reported. Article 81 states that the committee may refer media outlets it believes violated the law to the Court of Publications. Tele Liban is accused of talking to candidates, who used the opportunity to campaign and criticize other parties on Election Day. Law 78 of the electoral law states that within 48 hours of the polls, media outlets are prohibited from broadcasting anything that may sway voters, and are limited to airing the voting process.

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