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Cabinet endorsed a plan to create 25 sanitary landfills and three waste incinerators

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Cabinet endorsed a plan Tuesday to create 25 sanitary landfills and three waste incinerators, including one in Beirut, in order to deal with Lebanon’s garbage in the medium to long term. The locations of much of the rest of the infrastructure require further discussion, Environment Minister Fadi Jreissati announced following a roughly three-hour Cabinet session dedicated to the waste issue.

Ministers did approve a decree mandating the sorting of garbage at the source - i.e. at home - according to Information Minister Jamal Jarrah. This has long been a key demand of environmentalists and a number of officials.

Speaking in a news conference from the Grand Serail, Jreissati said “most of the articles” of a 10-year waste management road map he submitted to Prime Minister Saad Hariri nearly three months ago had been approved during the session.

The Council for Development and Reconstruction had been assigned to carry out environmental impact assessments for incinerators in Beirut and Deir Ammar in north Lebanon, he said.

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