Democracy, Citizenship & Civic Rights

Tatimma Issue 1

This issue of Tatimma focuses on the question of civil rights and liberties in Lebanon. Whilst it is usually considered that civil freedoms in Lebanon are light-years ahead of other Arab countries. Yet this state of liberties appears to be more a facade for a discriminatory system which limits the liberties of Lebanese citizens, specifically Lebanese women, refugees, foreign workers to name a few.

Protesting, negotiations, and dysfunctional politics: The case of the abducted Lebanese soldiers

Extinguishing a tire on fire is very hard. To start one is equally difficult. A tire must be heated to at least 400 degrees Celsius for several minutes before it catches fire. The melting rubber produces thick black smoke, bitter to the eye, and a commanding putrid smell. The environmental and health hazards are numerous, both while the tire burns and if its cooled remains are not properly disposed of.

The setting of tire fires during protest has become a common tactic in Lebanon.

الطبقات الاجتماعية في لبنان: إثبات وجود

تسعى هذه الدراسة الى ما يعبّر عنه عنوانها: إثبات وجود تراتب اجتماعي في لبنان يقوم على المواقع المتفاوتة لسكانه من الاقتصاد والموارد والدخل والثروة وعلاقات الإنتاج والملكية. بعبارة أخرى، نريد منها إعادة الاعتبار لمفهوم الطبقة في إنتاج المعارف عن المجتمع والسلطة في لبنان

Compendium of International Legal Instruments and Other Intergovernmental Commitments Concerning Core Civil Society Rights

Global civil society alliance, CIVICUS, has released a revised version of what is probably the world’s most comprehensive compilation of commitments made by governments on civil society rights. Originally released in 2008, and now fully updated, the compendium consolidates various international standards and commitments made by governments at the regional and global levels to protect civil society and ensure participation in public processes.

Summary Report: Syrian Women's NGOs and Geneva II

This research report provides an overview of the current situation of women's non-governmental organisations throughout Syria. Research focused on groups active in areas where opposition actors hold power, although many women’s groups make it clear that they are politically neutral and some operate in regime-controlled areas. The report explores their views on, and identifies opportunities for engagement with, the upcoming Geneva II conference and the Syrian peace process.

Education & Citizenship. Analysis of survey results of 9th grade students in Lebanon

The goal of this study is to identify areas of strength and of weaknesses in the current educational environment; address the shortcomings in the educational system that have a direct impact on citizenship and use the results of the survey to implement initiatives and projects that aim to develop the skills and positive attitudes related to citizenship.

World Summit for Social Development

This book contains selected documents issued for the World Summit for Social Development held in Geneva in June 2000. The documents are: “Development in the Arab Region”, the “Final Declaration of the Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Social Summit”, the “Position Paper of ANND”, and the “Statement of the Development Caucus.

Report The Participation of the Arab NGO Network for Development In the 2nd Moroccan Social Forum

A detailed report on ANND’s participation in this forum that covered the issues of neoliberal globalization and human development, women’s rights, geopolitical changes, democracy and public freedoms, cultural dimensions, environment and sustainable development, migration and the dynamics of the Arab social movement.

Working Towards Achieving the Millennium Goals in Arab Countries

A series of publications entitled "Assessing the MDG process in the Arab Region". The series includes: - A "Survey of Key Issues", - "National Case Studies" from seven Arab countries (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen) , - An evaluation report for the "Planning and Statistical Capacity Building Training " towards the MDGs project, A brochure summarizing the findings of these publications


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