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Cover Title Publisher(s) Publishing Year Synopsis Dossier Theme
Incomplete Entitlement: An Overview of the Living Conditions of Palestinian Refugees Residing Legally in Lebanon but who are Not Registered with the UNRWA-Lebanon Field Office (NRs) Danish Refugee Council (DRC) 2011

This study is designed to explore distinguishing features of Palestinians not registered with UNRWA in terms of their general living conditions, with a focus on access to basic services, and their... [read more]

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon Refugees
Nahr El-Bared Statistical Report 2009 Lebanon Support 2009

This report aims to provide statistical and analytical tools for the recovery community working in North Lebanon, specifically those working with the Nahr El-Bared displaced and returnee... [read more]

The Nahr El-Bared War Recovery & Reconstruction, Internally Displaced Population
Socio-Economic Assessment in Nahr El-Bared & Beddawi Camps United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) 2008

This report presents the results of a field survey commissioned by UNRWA to the Consultation and Research Institute (CRI). The survey took place during the month of September 2008 and covered 1,... [read more]

The Nahr El-Bared War Recovery & Reconstruction, Social & Cultural Development
أوضاع النساء اللبنانيات المتزوجات من غير لبنانيين United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 2009

أنجزت الدكتورة فهميّة شرف الدين هذه الدراسة الميدانية التحليليّة، بالتعاون مع برنامج اللأمم المتحدة الإنمائي(مشروع حقوق المر أة اللبنانية وقانون الجنسية) واللجنة الاهلية لمتابعة قضايا المرأة، في... [read more]

Women's rights and status, Gender Equity Network Democracy, Citizenship & Civic Rights, Legal Issues, Family Issues, Gender
Mental Health Needs Assessment in Palestinian Refugee Camps, Lebanon Response International 2005

Response International (RI) undertook a comprehensive assessment of mental health needs within the refugee camps and larger “gatherings”. This assessment informed a series of awareness raising... [read more]

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon Mental Health & Psychosocial
Forgotten Akkar Socio-Economic Reality of the Akkar Region Mada Association 2008

This study focuses on presenting the socio-economic reality of Akkar. It begins with a situational analysis, including an assessment measuring the impact of the July 2006 and Nahr al-Bared wars on... [read more]

Social & Cultural Development, Economic Development
Mapping of Vulnerabilities in Lebanon Lebanon Support 2008

This Map Contains The Following Information Layers: - Political Layer displaying the electoral weight of each of the opposition and the loyalists in each of the electoral districts of the 2005... [read more]

Safety & Security, Economic Development, Elections
Familial relations and labor market outcomes: the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon Elsevier Science (USA) 2003

We analyze intra-family support among Palestinians living in Lebanon, using detailed household survey data from the refugee camps and Palestinian communities in Lebanon and latent class analysis... [read more]

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon Livelihoods & Labour Rights, Family Issues
Good Morning Gaza - Islamic Relief Response Islamic Relief 2009

Months after the war, the Gaza Strip remains a disaster zone. Families are in despair, as hundresds of them had their homes totally destroyed and do not have proper shelter to endure Gaza's... [read more]

Relief Services, Recovery & Reconstruction
Poverty, Growth and Income Distribution in Lebanon International Poverty Centre 2008

This Country Study is based on a full national report that is the first to draw a profile of poverty in Lebanon based on money-metric poverty measurements of household expenditures. The report... [read more]

Policy Interventions, Economic Development