Truth Leading to Reconciliation Public Apology

Palestinian Human Rights Organisation (PHRO)
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The Palestinian Human Rights Organisation (PHRO) launched a reconciliation initiative in 2005/6, which consisting of several discussion meetings with Lebanese political parties, PLO, unions, UNRWA, intellectuals, journalists, clerics, members of the Palestinian National Council, as well as cultural figures. The meetings aimed at revealing and discussing the aspirations and expectations of Lebanese and Palestinians, focussing on two main topics: What do Palestinians want from and to each other? And what do Palestinians want from other parties? This project produced a document of mutual understanding. In 2007, responding to the destruction of Nahr Al-Bared camp in the north, PHRO focused its efforts on reform and reconstruction of the camp. PHRO published several articles in local newspapers as an introduction to PHRO?s workshop addressing notions of justice and the rule of law, more specifically the transition from security mechanisms to social and judicial rights-based treatment of inhabitants in the camp. The issue was discussed with the Lebanese authorities through meetings with the Minister of Interior, senior officers of the Lebanese Army and the Lebanese Government. Palestinians made a public apology for their role in Lebanon at the presidential palace in 2008, represented by the Palestinian ambassador Abbas Zaki and a member of Fateh Central Committee.
Resources: PHRO (2011). Camp in Fear, Camp in Want. Human Security Assessment for Nahr El-Bared Camp.
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Public Apologies
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General public
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Palestinian Camps