Study for a Viable Framework for Livelihood and Social Enterprise Projects in Bar Elias in the Bekaa

Basmeh & Zeitooneh
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Sari Kassis
Zeina Osman
Socio-Economic Rights Base
Refugees, Livelihoods & Labour Rights
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This report presents the findings of the labour market study in Bar Elias and the Bekaa, focusing on the labour activities, initiatives, and aspirations of current B&Z beneficiaries and Syrian refugee youth and women heads of household respondents that could potentially be engaged through future interventions. It also presents a general overview of the formal employment sectors that Syrians can engage in, by law, as well as principles and approaches that could be adopted for the informal economic activities that Syrian refugees engage in.

The objectives of the study, are:
- Identify livelihood opportunities that can connect refugees with host communities.
- Identify and analyse key challenges and constraints faced by women and youth in the local labour market, and find tailored potential solutions, interventions and strategies to overcome these barriers.
- Identify and analyse influencing factors through which Basmeh and Zeitooneh can create evidence for its local and national advocacy strategy.

Labour Market, Syrian Refugees, Informal Economy, Labor Rights & Livelihoods, Refugee women
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