Nahr El-Bared Statistical Report 2009

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Lebanon Support
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Bassem Chit
The Nahr El-Bared War
Recovery & Reconstruction, Internally Displaced Population
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Study and/or Report

This report aims to provide statistical and analytical tools for the recovery community working in North Lebanon, specifically those working with the Nahr El-Bared displaced and returnee population. the information will allow for better assessment of current needs and gaps, which will eventually support the development of appropriate strategies of intervention on both the short and long term. The report highlights persistent vulnerabilities, which are not a direct cause of the Nahr El-Bared crisis, but have contributed considerably to the general trend of slow recovery. Knowing that Nahr el Bared’s community is still in the recovery phase since autonomy and economic self sufficiency haven’t been achieved. The situation of ongoing displacement and the prevalence of temporary rather than permanent residence. Add to that minimal economic activity, and restricted business exchange levels within the Nahr El-Bared Adjacent Area, indicate that the situation, although seemingly stable, is still fragile and is yet to recover.

Palestinian Refugees, Lebanon, Recovery, Nahr El-Bared War, Economic Situation, Assessment & Evaluation, IDPs
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