Health Status and Health Needs of Older Refugees from Syria in Lebanon

Strong et al. Conflict and Health
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Gilbert Burnham
Shannon Doocy
Najla Chahda
Christopher Varady
Jonathan Strong
Migration, Mobility and Circulation
Refugees, Health
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Study and/or Report

This study sought to characterize the physical and emotional conditions, dietary habits, coping practices, and living conditions of this elderly population arriving in Lebanon between March 2011 and March 2013. A systematic selection of 210 older refugees from Syria was drawn from a listing of 1800 refugees over age 60 receiving assistance from the Caritas Lebanon Migrant Center (CLMC) or the Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organization (PALWHO). CLMC and PALWHO social workers collected qualitative and quantitative information during 2013.

The study concluded older refugees from Syria are a highly vulnerable population needing health surveillance and targeted assistance. Programs assisting vulnerable populations may concentrate services on women and children leaving the elderly overlooked.

refugees, Elderly, Access to Healthcare, Disability
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