Assessing civil society initiatives in the field of economic and social rights

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The second report is an evaluation of civil society initiatives on economic and social rights, including a series of civil society initiatives focusing on multinational companies, free trade agreements, the right to decent work, the right to form trade unions, the right to an adequate standard of living, including access to housing, water and a clean environment.

The report shows that there is room for stronger action on the whole, and for more cross-regional cooperation and networking. It offers a review of the existing strategic networking initiatives on those topics that are addressed by civil society on both sides of the Mediterranean in terms of economic and social rights, given the fact that societies in both Europe and in the South are impacted to a large extent by the same neo-liberal policies and austerity measures.

In sum, the report examines interactions among civil society actors at the domestic, regional and international level (chapter 1); existing initiatives of civil society groups targeting International Financial Institutions (IFIs), (chapter 2) multinational corporations (MNCs) and free trade agreements. Finally, the report describes obstacles and challenges faced by CSOs in the Euro-Mediterranean region (chapter 3).

This report is the 2nd of a series by EuroMed Rights, find the 1st report here, and the 3rd here.

*You can find this report in 3 languages: English, Arabic and French.