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دليل حول إتفاقية القضاء على جميع أشكال التمييز ضد المرأة

تم اعداد هذا الدليل من قبل منظمة رصد العمل الدولي من أجل حقوق المرأة لمنطقة اسيا و المحيط الهادئ، بدعم من المفوضية الاوروبية، وأصدرته جمعية كفى عنف و استغلال في آب 2008. يأتي هذا الدليل ضمن مشروع اقليمي متكامل سيتم تنفيذه بين عامي 2009 و 2011 في لبنان وسوريا والاردن. وهو يتوجه الى القضاة والمحامين والجمعيات الاهلية والحكومات في البلدان الثلاثة بهدف تعزيز آليات تطبيق اتفاقية سيداو (CEDAW) واستخدامها وكذلك احترام حقوق المرأة الانسانية. يهدف هذا المشروع بشكل خاص الى بناء القدرات على المستوى الاقليمي لاكتساب مفهوم شامل للاتفاقية والعمل على تطبيقها بشكل فعال على الارض.

Compendium of International Legal Instruments and Other Intergovernmental Commitments Concerning Core Civil Society Rights

Global civil society alliance, CIVICUS, has released a revised version of what is probably the world’s most comprehensive compilation of commitments made by governments on civil society rights. Originally released in 2008, and now fully updated, the compendium consolidates various international standards and commitments made by governments at the regional and global levels to protect civil society and ensure participation in public processes.

2010 Municipal Elections in Lebanon - Electoral Systems Options

Municipal elections in Lebanon are scheduled for Spring/Summer 2010. The current electoral system used for electing members of municipal councils is known as the ‘bloc vote’ system, the same as is used for parliamentary elections in Lebanon; however, no municipal council seats are reserved for any different confessional groups. Political and public debate has now begun to focus on the possibility of introducing an alternative electoral system for municipal elections.

Internal Governance for NGOs in Lebanon

This reference book has been prepared within the framework of the NGO Resource and Support Unit, The Unit was established in 2003 and is currently working to build the capacity of NGOs by facilitating their acquisition of resources and the delivery of training programs. This is in addition to assisting mutual communication and cooperation to enable their transformation into pressure groups capable of supporting development at the national level.

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