About the CSKC

The Civil Society Knowledge Centre (CSKC) 
Lebanon Support launched the CSKC in 2013, with the support of the Norwegian Royal Embassy, the CSKC is the first and most developed online platform for knowledge management for civil society organisations, professionals, academics, and activists in Lebanon. Covering issues ranging from humanitarian, recovery, development and human rights, the CSKC constitutes a seminal and innovative knowledge base and publishing platform for original research and analysis on civil society work and issues and serves for civil society cooperation and collaboration.

The CSKC offers:
- an online mapping system, allowing the mapping and the documentation of events, projects, human rights violations, conflict reports among many other;
- a research and analysis section offering evidence-based research and studies that covers a range of topics and themes relevant to civil society work in Lebanon;
- an annotated online library that covers resources, guides, studies and information organized through different themes and dossiers, which is an integral tool for any organisation and practitioner working on humanitarian, development and human rights issues in Lebanon;
- and a data repository of major statistics organized by themes and geographic regions, allowing ease of access and use of figures and number needed for civil society work in Lebanon.