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The Open Library Project is an online resource library with readily available reference books, reports, studies, guides and tools, and fact sheets relevant to civil society and civil society organisations’ work in Lebanon.
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Cover Title Publisher(s) Publishing Year Synopsis Dossier Theme
Supporting Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality in Fragile States: Lebanon - Research Brief United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) 2016

This brief is one in a three-part research series produced by... [read more]

Gender Equity Network Economic Development, Gender
A Practical Guide for Civil Society Organisations in Lebanon towards Gender Mainstreaming (En-Ar) Lebanon Support 2017
This Gender Manual is a practical guide for civil society organisations in Lebanon that wish to enhance gender equity in their practices and policies. Far from being exhaustive, this manual... [read more]
Gender Equity Network Civil Society Development, Gender
Local and Regional Entanglements: The Social Stability Context in Sahel Akkar United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 2016

This report introduces the conflict context in the Sahel Akkar area, the Lebanese most northern coastal area bordering Syria. Sahel Akkar is predominantly agricultural, with Muslim Sunni and... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Refugees, Human Rights & Protection
An Urban Suburb with the Capacities of a Village: The Social Stability Context in the Coastal Chouf Area United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 2017

This report introduces the conflict context in the coastal Chouf area, a semi-urban area connecting the capital Beirut to Sidon in the south, the country’s third largest city. The area is largely... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Refugees, Human Rights & Protection
Barriers to Education for Female and Male Syrian Youth in Shatila and Bourj Al Barajneh Basmeh & Zeitooneh 2017

This report aims to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the barriers to education faced by Syrian youth, using both... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation, Conflict Analysis Project Refugees, Education
Strategy Development for a Mental Health and Psychological support Knowledge Hub Lebanon Support, Arab Resource Collective (ARC) 2016

The objective of the report is to identify the psychosocial impact and needs of humanitarian actors working with refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, North Iraq and Palestine. The research... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation, Civil Society Observatory Refugees, Mental Health & Psychosocial
Patriarchy and Sectarianism: A Gendered Trap. Baseline of Women in Politics: The Case of Lebanon. Hivos 2017

Today, women in Lebanon are fighting for equal access to opportunities and rights without prejudice against their gender, their expectations and their careers. This fight requires... [read more]

Women's rights and status, Gender Equity Network Democracy, Citizenship & Civic Rights, Gender
Still Looking for Safety: Voices of refugees from Syria on solutions for the present and future Oxfam 2017

Based on the findings of participatory protection research that Oxfam undertook with refugees in Lebanon between late 2016 and early 2017, this paper explores refugees’ own definitions and... [read more]

Migration, Mobility and Circulation, Conflict Analysis Project Refugees, Safety & Security
العنف الجنسي ضد النساء في لبنان: شهادات في الظلّ Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering (RDFL) 2017

يتطرّق هـذا البحـث إلـى العنـف الجنسـي ضـد النسـاء، مـن خلال تقديـم وتحليـل وقائـع لشـهادات حيـة لــ50 سـيدة عـن العنـف الجنسـي، الـذي مـورس عليهـنّ فـي الظـل بمختلف... [read more]

Gender Equity Network Domestic & Personal Violence, Gender
The Roadmap to Reconciliation in Tripoli: Creating an Inclusive Process for Launching a Communal Reconciliation in Tripoli Roadmap to Reconciliation in Tripoli 2017

The “Roadmap to Reconciliation in Tripoli,” (RRT) project is a grassroots initiative that aims at launching a transitional justice route through understanding the public perceptions in Tripoli... [read more]

Conflict Analysis Project Conflict Resolution