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Cover Title Publisher(s) Publishing Year Synopsis Dossier Theme
Mental Health Needs Assessment in Palestinian Refugee Camps, Lebanon Response International 2005

Response International (RI) undertook a comprehensive assessment of mental health needs within the refugee camps and larger “gatherings”. This assessment informed a series of awareness raising... [read more]

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon Mental Health & Psychosocial
Forgotten Akkar Socio-Economic Reality of the Akkar Region Mada Association 2008

This study focuses on presenting the socio-economic reality of Akkar. It begins with a situational analysis, including an assessment measuring the impact of the July 2006 and Nahr al-Bared wars on... [read more]

Social & Cultural Development, Economic Development
Mapping of Vulnerabilities in Lebanon Lebanon Support 2008

This Map Contains The Following Information Layers: - Political Layer displaying the electoral weight of each of the opposition and the loyalists in each of the electoral districts of the 2005... [read more]

Safety & Security, Economic Development, Elections
Familial relations and labor market outcomes: the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon Elsevier Science (USA) 2003

We analyze intra-family support among Palestinians living in Lebanon, using detailed household survey data from the refugee camps and Palestinian communities in Lebanon and latent class analysis... [read more]

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon Livelihoods & Labour Rights, Family Issues
Good Morning Gaza - Islamic Relief Response Islamic Relief 2009

Months after the war, the Gaza Strip remains a disaster zone. Families are in despair, as hundresds of them had their homes totally destroyed and do not have proper shelter to endure Gaza's... [read more]

Relief Services, Recovery & Reconstruction
Poverty, Growth and Income Distribution in Lebanon International Poverty Centre 2008

This Country Study is based on a full national report that is the first to draw a profile of poverty in Lebanon based on money-metric poverty measurements of household expenditures. The report... [read more]

Policy Interventions, Economic Development
Global Education Digest 2010 - Comparing Education Statistics Across the World UNESCO Institute for Statistics 2010

This edition of the Global Education Digest (GED) explores the changing patterns in gender and schooling throughout the formal education system – from primary to tertiary education levels. The... [read more]

Policy Interventions, Education, Gender
Life in the Gaza Strip six weeks after the armed conflict 27 Dec 2008-17 Jan 2009 Evidence from a household sample survey - A summary Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies 2009

This multi-topic household sample survey was implemented to collect data to document the living conditions in the Gaza Strip in the wake of Israel’s assault on 27 December and the ensuing armed... [read more]

Relief Services, Recovery & Reconstruction
The Gaza strip: A Humanitarian Implosion coalition of Amnesty International UK, CARE International UK, Christian Aid, CAFOD, Medecins du Monde UK, Oxfam, Save the Children UK and Trocaire 2008

The situation for 1.5 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip is worse now than it has ever been since the start of the Israeli military occupation in 1967. The current situation in Gaza is man-... [read more]

Social & Cultural Development, Economic Development, Human Rights & Protection
Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon NA 2008

An overview of the state of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon throughout history, that covers the political make up of the refugee camps, the impact of the July 2006 war on the Palestinian refugees... [read more]

Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon Refugees